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Are you thinking of a wedding in Roslagen?

Öregrund's picturesque, promenade-friendly summer town has everything a bridal couple could wish for. You can walk in high heels to the ancient church, cozy cliffs, lovely restaurants or the party room Societetshuset and other attractions. We have 11 rooms and 25 beds. If you rent the entire farm hotel, you can have the garden at your own disposal, times, have special access to our cozy dining room, and feel completely free from all the musts! Via our booking system, guests can book a room themselves with a special code that is unique for your particular wedding date! Step in with us and be welcomed by roses, bubbles and chocolate in the room and wake up as newlyweds with breakfast in bed and a gift from Öregrund *. ​​​​​​​
.* This is a so-called "Jubilee extra" which includes 3 red roses, 1 bottle of bubbly, Singö Chocolate pralines, breakfast in bed and a gift for your home from Öregrund, all for SEK 1,495 ​​​​​​​


Patrik Modd, see posts on our fb page and
073-5042200 ​​​​​​​


Engman Photography, Daniel 076-7921050
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Party room

A popular place to have dinner and party at is Societetshuset. It is important to book well in advance.

Hair, makeup, eyebrows

Around the corner around us you will find Ninolia who cuts, makes beautiful hair sets and make-up as desired.
For info look at  and for more pictures, go to instagram:  ninolia_studio


  • The driveway has Catering! Contact them for a quote on:  0173-30600 or 
  • Cafe Wilma has Catering! Contact them for a quote on:  0173-30031 or 
  • Archipelago catering is also available. Ask for a quote on: 0739-71 51 12  alt