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Cozy farm hotel Klockargården

attracts couples, families and those who travel for work as well as foreign visitors. Each has a charming, individually decorated hotel room with a patio. You can easily book the entire accommodation for occasions such as weddings, family reunions, bachelor parties or bachelor parties and mini-conferences. We offer dining options through cooperation in the port but also self-catering. The facility with red small wooden houses and white knots dates from the 18th century and is built in various terraces and gardens that contribute to a private and cozy atmosphere. A few minutes away there is a bathing ladder down into the sea from the rocks to take a refreshing morning dip at. Each room has its own wifi connected and via the chromecast the TV can show your favorite series. We have beer and wine rights and each hotel room has a minibar.
Novelty! Now you can book your own jacuzzi for a couple of hours on one of the outdoor terraces! Breakfast is included and in summer we stand in the garden and bake waffles for our guests. Remember! It will be cheaper and there are more rooms available when you book directly on our website than via other booking sites. Now we also offer golf packages!
For all types of special requests such as afternoon tea, jacuzzi,
Easter packages and group bookings, weddings and conferences etc.
call +46 (0) 173-30065 or email
Our goal is for you to have a wonderful stay at Klockargården and come home rested, enriched with fresh scents from the forest and sea, flavors from good dinners in the harbor and inspired by a unique environment.
Welcome to Öregrund!


Klockargården started 1998 by Olle Leufven. Klockargården underwent a generational change in 2018 when the founder and motorsport icon Olle Leufven handed over to daughter Jennifer. He remains at Klockargården and continues to spread the genuine well-being. When Olle bought the farm, it needed to be refurbished. There were no hotel rooms and no shop until he tidied up one room at a time and rebuilt the barn into the esteemed interior design shop it became. Together with various employees, Klockargården has become the gem it is today. Over the years, a restaurant and café have also been run on a regular basis.

Long before we had children, we came here to enjoy the sun setting in the sea, the bars and restaurants by the harbor, the music, the boats, the pastel-colored old fine wooden houses, the winding alleys, the paths and the enormously picturesque feeling of a bygone era. which could not be more appealing! We got married here, we had a restaurant and café here, we visited dad here who started Klockargården 20 years ago and bought a summer house. 

Then came the children. Then we discovered strawberry places like the rocks, the bathing areas, the ice cream shops with the insanely many different sprinkles, the playgrounds, the forest with blueberries, the frogs, the lizards, the tennis for all ages, the kayaks, the sailing camp, the riding school, the golf course for both big and small, the best pancakes. you can hang out without being afraid of water or cars, the fishing spots, the boat week, etc.

When we get older I can imagine that we do like the other older couples by the sea, we take a dip every day !

A warm welcome to discover for yourself this fantastic harbor & sea pearl where the sun goes down into the sea. Come and create your own memories! Below is a selection of strawberry places!
Daughter and owner Jennifer Grahn with family & Dad Olle - Founder
Members of STF - Swedish Tourist Association
Klockargården are members of the Swedish Tourist Association (STF).