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More important than booking is enough to stroll around the harbor and see which of all the restaurants you want to choose after seeing the menu. Below is a selection in low and high season.

Some of the restaurants open


Open all year round, check with restaurant which days.

Here at Hummelgrund, we plan our dishes according to Roslagen's beautiful seasons and wonderful ingredients. We create new dishes and keep our favorites - so that there will always be something to discover on the menu. At regular intervals, we also invite fantastic chefs from all over the country for exciting guest performances, and let them create their own Roslagen menu. 

Can book a table

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Or call: 0173-310 00

Gula huset

(The yellow house)
Open all year round, check with restaurant which days

Öregrund's first restaurant where we bake pizza in a wood oven with love. Fresh pasta and tender beef fillet are also on the menu. Renovated and refreshed, we have opened the doors to provide the best quality and service.

Can book a table

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Or call: 0173-306 60​​​​​​​

Cafe Wilmas

Open every day, all year round 8-17
Nothing goes up against Kafe Wilma's pastries, good weekly lunches or latte! You have to visit this cozy cafe to have a real coffee break.

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Or call:  0173-300 31

Söderströms Veranda

Sharing is caring, ie sharing is caring, is something we strongly believe in Söderströms Veranda. Sharing food is something we have done since time immemorial. Gathering around the dining table to enjoy together and to socialize, discuss, laugh or exchange ideas is a universal way to get to know each other. If you take their tasting menu with different stir - fries

and meat, you get an extra dish with tiger prawns if you live at Klockargården . ring:  0173-30700

Some of the restaurants during High Season

The seafood restaurant Bojabäs

In a small boathouse in the middle of the summer idyll Öregrund, Melker Andersson runs the fish and shellfish restaurant Bojabäs during the summer. The signature right is of course the French classic Bouillabaisse, but here in Melker's own archipelago vintage.

Welcome to us wishes Melker with staff! "

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Strandnäras servering

At Strandnära's restaurant, you can enjoy fresh seafood and delicious archipelago dishes along with a locally brewed beer or a good wine. Once or twice a week, we also invite different bands for gigs or have wine, beer tastings. " 

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